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Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan Sex Toy Blueprints Are Revealed

The companion site to HBO's Watchmen, Peteypedia, has uploaded a "file" detailing the schematics for creating the Dr. Manhattan sex toy from the show.

That Doctor Manhattan Sex Toy Shocked Jean Smart Too

Jean Smart Was Just as Shocked by That Doctor Manhattan Sex Toy as the Rest of Us. The 'Watchmen' actress was taken aback when she first read the script. By Philip Ellis.

Watchmen and the Dr. Manhattan sex toy that swept the nation

This week’s Watchmen brought Laurie Blake to Tulsa, but it also brought her a Dr. Manhattan sex toy — and people can’t stop thinking about the large device. Watchmen is a shocking kind of show, but nothing shocked audiences more than Laurie Blake’s dildo. Sure, sex and sex toys on HBO are no surprise.

Watchmen: Why Doctor Manhattan’s big blue penis matters - Vox

The sex toy being bigger than her head isn’t so much a statement about Doctor Manhattan’s manhood as it is an accessory to Laurie’s fantasy of her past life, her past adventures, and her ...

Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan dildo: How the HBO series designed a ...

How Watchmen Designed a Superhero Sex Toy ... was Laurie’s toy a dildo or a vibrator? ... There are actually real-life Dr. Manhattan dildos available to buy online.

Sex toy designers react to the wild sex toy in 'Watchmen'

It looks like a small replica of a Jeff Koons sculpture and appears to be larger and sleeker than a real $92 Dr. Manhattan-inspired dildo already on the market. SEE ALSO: We're in a sex toy ...

Here's the blueprint for the huge 'Watchmen' vibrator

The Dr. Manhattan vibrator made waves — figuratively but also presumably literally — when it debuted on HBO’s Watchmen a week ago. The network seems to have heard fans’ cries for more ...

'Watchmen': Jean Smart on Laurie Blake's Owl 'Who' & Dr ...

Speaking of Dr. Manhattan, when she arrives in Tulsa, Laurie brings with her an electric blue sex toy in the shape of her former boyfriend's very large... you know.