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Sex toy testers are wanted now and here's how to apply ...

All sex toys tester recruits will be contacted before we send anything out. Bondara This organisation does provide a little job description when it comes to their sex toy testers.

Sex toy companies want more testers and here's how you can ...

Bondara. This organisation does provide a little job description when it comes to their sex toy testers. You’re required to have: “An active sex life, a good level of personal fitness, a passion for wearable tech and mountains of confidence.”. You can apply to test their SexFit device on their website.

Woman Quits Job to Become Professional Sex Toy Tester | Allure

Banker Quits Job to Become a Professional Sex Toy Tester. Going for your dream job is a scary thing, and many of us never get the guts to do it. However, according to Metro News, that wasn't a ...

Sex Toy Testing: Can You Actually Turn It Into A Career?

Being a professional sex toy tester who sits at home all day with soft music, scented candles and 50 varieties of vibrating egg is not really a job that exists. Most sex toy companies simply rely ...

Testing Sex Toys Is An Actual Paying Job

In August, the New York Post published a story on LoveWoo, a London-based sex toy company which was looking for a sex toy tester. It was a full-time job, allowing you to work two days from home, and spend three days in the office, and get paid $36,000 a year.

How To Make $39,000 By Testing Sex Toys At Home

It's a work-from-home job that some people would love. Every week, a box full of the latest sex toy technology lands on your doorstep. You try the toys, rate them, and are compensated over $39,000 ...

Bored of lockdown? You can now become a sex toy tester

The sex toy tester will also be encouraged to share ideas for new toys. There are no specific requirements of candidates, beyond them being ‘all about passion’.

The 20 Weirdest Jobs in the World You Never Thought Existed

14. Sex Toy Tester. Shutterstock. Most professionals have an office filled with books, important documents and the like. What they usually don’t have is a collection of sex toys. Then again, most professionals aren’t sex toy testers – people, mostly women, who are hired to test-drive dildos and what not for adult companies.